My trip in Thailand! Do not rent with National Car Rental

Do not rent with National Car Rental in Thailand, they are trying to rip you off on scratchs. They initially tried to charge me THB 8560 (USD 266) on a scratch they found. In the end the charged me half of that THB 4280 (USD 133) without my consent.

It’s a 50,000 kilometers 1.2-Litter Nisson Almera. They don’t have any print in front but they claim it’s a company policy to charge the full insurnace deductibles for any damage. After this exeperience, I asked YesAway when I renting a new Toyota Altis from them, how much would they charge if I made a scratch, YesAway says it will be THB 3000 (USD 92). Still expensive but this is a more reasonble price and it’s a more expensive car.

I actually have read there bad reviews (screenshot below) for National for exactlly the same issue. However, all other rental companies have their cars rented out during my dates so I still booked with National. A mistake. Avoid this company. Also consider add extra insurance to protect you.

During my trip in Thailand, I have also rented from Chic Car Rent, which had a much lower liablity limit for the renter, only THB 5000.